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Actívica Apps is a leading app development house with focus on iPhone, iPad, Android and BlackBerry. Our abundant pool of first class developers, planners and innovators under the same roof makes us one of the most resourceful development houses in Latin America.

With a development house in Argentina, in the beautiful area of Belgrano, the company has acquired the reputation of being one of the top specialists in the implementation and development of mobile apps. With know-how and profound knowledge in the field of mobile technology, we have become a one-stop shop for planning, designing and implementing mobile apps for the most savvy platforms currently out on the market.

If you're ready for your mobile application to gain top user ratings across all platforms, contact us now.

Our key principles:

Be the best

Everyone involved with Actívica Apps has come from a first rate development background.

Be unique

We know that you want to stand out amongst their competition, we create apps that help you do that.

Be honest

We are completely honest with our clients, we want you to have a top quality app even if that means helping refine your initial ideas.

Do work on time

Repeat business is key to us, we deliver where our competition would fail you.

Be cost effective

We can deliver top quality apps for a fraction of an internal team due to our experience in this market.

Help our clients

Our job isn’t done once we deliver your app, we continue to work with you to improve your App Store rankings and reviews.

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